Sunday Lesson

September 25 Meditation with Dieter Randolph
September 18 Lesson with Nyela Oluchi Hope
Be Grateful and Be Happy
September 18 Meditation
Song "Power Of Now" by Faith Rivera, with Christine and Nyela Oluchi Hope
September 18 Offertory Song
Music "Happiness Within" by Denny Falzon & Christine Mariani
Song of Celebration "Here at Unity" by Denny Falzone and Christine Mariani
September 11 Lesson with Victoria Ben-Tovyia
September 11 Meditation with Victoria Ben-Tovyia and Christine Mariani
Song "I saw the Light' by Denny Flazone and Christine Mariani
September 4 Welcome Home Song
"Welcome Home " Song  Anji Kat/ Roger Tomhave
September 4 Celebration Song
"Here at Unity" by Denny Falzon & Christine  Mariani
September 4 Lesson with Elly Marinaro
Jung and the SpiritualTHE CALL